​Enjoy higher productivity, increased comfort and better ideas

​Adjustable table makes you move more throughout the day and takes away ​your tense shoulders, drowsiness ​& back pain. ​So your body ​& mind can feel better in your home office 

​​This is How You Benefit

​For Your Health & Comfort

​Changing you working position from sitting to standing upright for even few minutes every 30min keeps your blood flow and prevents from fatigue, tense shoulders and back pain

​Looks & Feels Nice

​Unlike the typical adjustable tables made for office use our Supertable is made too look ​& feel nice in your home​. The natural materials ​and colors can be chosen in the next step.

​It's Practical

​Electrically adjustable table can be adjusted between 71cm and 1.2m. So all your family members can use the table, from children to the queen bee to two-meter tall king of the house

Don't know where to start?

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